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JADE OF DEATH continues to wow audiences around the world with its slick production and darkly compelling narrative.
— Spotlight Report

THE SERIES HAS over 3.5million views

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Jade of Death is an award-winning GENRE series.

Available as a 6 x 10" (approx) or 1 x 60" 

Jade has a powerful ability. She can hear when and how people are going to die. She ran away from her hometown and gets by working at a seedy freak show carnival as the “Fortune-Teller of Death”, but now people are after her. There’s more to her past than she lets on, and more to her abilities than she knows.    

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JADE OF DEATH was one of ten projects from around the world selected for the highly competitive BERLINALE PROJECT LABS where Erin Good further developed the scripts.

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Producer Taylor Litton-Strain and writer/director Erin Good chat to IMPULSE GAMER about making the series.

She’s a character who has run away from her past and wants to run away from herself. Jade desperately wants to be a good person, but she thinks that’s she’s bad and so she’s always kind of punishing herself
— Erin Good (on the character of Jade)
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Jade of Death series fest

Jade of Death is one of one of 16 independent television pilots selected for official competition at Series Fest.


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named "jade of death" in their top 4 picks from the 2018 Mardi Gras flicks

A fun diversion from the run-of-the-mill lesbian Romeo and Juliets, Jade of Death is dark, funny and hot as hell.
— LOTL Magazine


... the detail is so impressive. The high production values of this series are palpable... And the music is fantastic.
— Sydney Arts Guide

Erin is nominated for Australian Director's Guild Award

Erin Good ADG awards Jade of Death Australian Directors Guild award

Season 2 is now in development with ABC & screen australia.

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To express interest in acquiring Jade of Death for TV, VOD or for a festival screening please contact: taylor@lastframeproductions.com